Thursday, January 1, 2015

Another Year Come and Gone

As I'm riding home from a wonderful vacation in Colorado, I have been thinking how impossible it seems that another year has come and gone.  It seems that in the past few years I have started off my new year saying, " This one has got to be better than last year's", but I feel this past year (2014) has been just fine.  As I sat and listened to a friend lead a lesson Sunday on just needing a little bit more and having it a little bit better, I couldn't help but think about how good this year has been.  I have 3 perfect boys.. They are perfect because that is how God made them. They can be challenging at times in all different ways but I find myself proud of them everyday.  They love each other , they love their family and are good people all together.. Even though they do have their times that I question where they came from..I have a wonderful loving husband that takes care of us, backs me when I need backing, supports me,  loves me and loves  God.  We have all been blessed to help with the homeless this year and I know I have learned to not be afraid to offer my hand when they hold their hand out. Jesus did that.  I have learned that it doesn't matter if they need it, what they are going  to do it but that I am doing God's work and that they see HIM in me.  God's work.. God's work.. Not Amie's work ... I have learned that I have been placed on this earth to do God's work of spreading his word.
I have also learned that I can not judge.  And even if I say "hey, I'm not judging here but..." I'm still judging. I have learned that God doesn't give us the pain in this world... That he might allow it so that something bigger can happen.. That he didn't  promise me a beautiful earthly life.. He promised me a perfect Heavenly eternal life... I've learned that he didn't spare his own son on this earth so why would he spare mine...I've learned ... This isn't it!! This world isn't it.  This is just our chance to get it and take anyone that we can get with us.
  As I think back on the year and think of all the things that have happened I find myself taking for granted the answered prayers, the accomplishments , the protection around us and all the surprises that went along with that.  It wasn't that long ago that I was subbing and wishing I had gone to school but felt defeated with the thought of going to college.. Now I can see so clearly God's plan on me going to school and even though I sometimes feel I will never finish.. I can't believe I am where I am today. Oh how I love my job and how it all started with the encouragement of Billy's Pre-k teacher ,Kathy Elmore, by telling me that I would be good at it and my sister in law that one day said it is time...:)  Brian has made a new job change and I look back at how comfortable he was working at Red River Army Depot.. I mean that was The Plan... Right? That's why we moved here .... Oh no ... Then he was blessed by getting a job by the help of his friend from church... He really liked it. Not sure what Gods new plan was but it was comfortable, paid good enough, and he was good at his job.. So must be Gods plan........ Hold up! Here we go again... He is asked to come help run a Car lot in Deklab Texas.  Totally out of his comfort zone... (Even though I thought he would do good at it) totally out of the blue... We prayed about it and prayed some more and he chose to go with it... And it's been good.  And yes he is good at it .... Just like I thought he would be :)  I know he questions his purpose at times but  I see who he is and I'm proud of him and I know the Lord is too.
Another thing that  I look back on are the friends that come into my life in the past year.  It amazes me when I look back at the people that I crossed paths with that are my friends now, how they all connect to something else In my life.  I love my friends and feel blessed to have you each in my life.  I know that God has placed you all in my life in his own way for his own purpose. I truly can say that I strive to be the person God wants me to be and not miss the true purpose of why you are in my life.
2015 is going to be busy... Not doubt about it.  But I plan on giving everything I do my all... Loving and taking care of my family ... My school 100% ,  and God 110%  . Staying 1 step ahead instead of 10 steps behind. Please pray for me because I need it. Love you  all... And Happy New Year!!

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